Strategic Planning

Creating Your Exit Plan


Nothing lasts forever, and even if you want to keep working on your business the way you are now, change is inevitable. Do you have an exit strategy?

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Your Exit Plan

What would you do if you became unavailable to work within your current role? Who would take charge of your company if you were no longer physically able to run it? Nobody likes to think about the future in a negative way, but you have got to consider all of the possibilities and protect the business that you've worked so hard to build. Make sure you have a written exit plan so that your business can run with or without you.

Enjoy Retirement

Would you like to retire one day, and enjoy financial security and peace of mind? How are you planning to do that? An exit plan will include important details to guide you on how to allocate funds, set a timeline and define the permanent functions and values that you have realized for your company. The idea is to create an exit plan that will give you peace of mind as you enjoy the final chapter of your life.

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Leave a Legacy

Do you want to leave a legacy? Just imagine what could happen if you were to pass away before you've made preparations for your business. That would be a terrible thing for your family to deal with. Take time now to create an exit plan so you know that the family members dearest to you will be provided for, even when you are not around. Would you like to raise up your children and grandchildren to work within your business and keep everything going? If so, you need to be training and grooming them now, so they will be solidly prepared to take over your business one day.