Strategic Planning

The Natellos

"It is often unclear whether we run DotCom or if DotCom runs us. Between the demands of our clients, the needs of our employees, and the responsibilities we have to our vendors - we have felt (at times) as if everyone is getting the most out of DotCom other than ourselves. We love our business, our clients, our team, and the work we do ... but we need to start making the business work for us."

Family & Owner Managed Planning
At a Glance

Sam and Anna

Sam and Anna Natello are the co-owners of a 20+ year old web design and development company named DotCom Global Media based out of New Jersey. They have built a successful company that has served many hundreds of clients over the years. The business has grown from a 2-person operation to a core team of 12 design, development, and marketing professionals. Now, as they are both approaching 50 years old, they have turned their eye to the future. Realizing that changes need to be made if they ever hope to retire while living a life they have envisioned – they sought help.


"We are always so focused on keeping up with our client work and making sure that they are successful - we often neglect ourselves. We have lacked a plan for the growth and improvement of our own company. It's not that we weren’t concerned about it … it’s just that there just never seems to be enough time. Time. A process for growth. These are things we lack. We needed help to make the changes necessary to move forward towards our goals."

Executive Search & Evaluation
Marketing Planning

Why We Chose Harry

"Harry is highly qualified in every way. It is easy to see that he is an expert Business Consultant. He has achieved amazing things in his own professional life which was important to us. We know a lot of people who have tried to give advice over the years, but very few who have achieved so much for themselves. It’s a credibility thing for us. Although that’s not why we hired him. It’s what qualifies him, however, it’s not what caused us to hire Harry. The reason we hired Harry was because of the amazing things his clients had to say about him. After all, who knows better than the people he has actually helped?"

The Process

"Harry put us through a very intense strategic planning process. It was 3 full days of diving into every nook and cranny of our business; what we wanted out of our business, the opportunities we had in front of us, and more. Much more than specific answers to specific questions (which we got plenty of), Harry provided a framework by which we can make decisions and reach important milestones."

For the immediate future, we will be busy completing the objectives we defined during our time with Harry using his tactical execution strategy. In the future, we are certain we will be calling Harry back in to help us keep things moving forward. Executing a business strategy is not a task, it is a process. We see how amazingly valuable it is to have Harry available to us moving into the future.

Executive Search & Evaluation
Succession Planning

The Results

“We achieved more in the first month after working with Harry than we did all of last year. Every objective we complete, every benchmark we achieve makes it just a little easier and faster to meet the next and then the next. We are seeing a definite positive impact on the amount of available time we have in the day while (somehow) getting more done than ever before. Harry helped us identify our most challenging issues that we needed to overcome. He gave us the formula to achieve victory and he provided the tactical approach to getting it done. DotCom is a stronger company today because of Harry and (more importantly) we (Sam and Anna) are on our way to the life we want to live together.”