Strategic Planning


I offer a wide range of services designed to help businesses - all types, all sizes and in every stage of growth achieve their goals.

From short-term project engagements to long-term advisory positions, I can engage with you and the key members of your company in a variety of ways. Every engagement is as unique as the clients I serve. Below is a small sampling of the ways I may be able to help you achieve your goals.

Business Consulting

Lay Professional Services, Inc. improves our clients' profitability in a number of ways. We develop structure and processes, we guide members of your organization to share your vision of the future, and engage them to create programs and procedures to achieve that vision.

We work with companies that are underperforming compared to their potential. The needs of each client determine our approach. Services most frequently provided include the following:

Our clients tell us that our strategy, planning, and implementation process is unique. It defines an organization's foundation, sets priorities in a logical sequence, focuses efforts and strengthens operations. The process assures that your business consistently works toward common goals while establishing agreement and commitment around intended outcomes and results.

Every business owner has a vision, a destination, for their company in their heart and in their mind. Rarely do we find that vision framed, quantified and documented to represent the destination for the business with enough clarity to be shared consistently with those charged to help the business owner get there. We assist our clients in defining a vision with clarity and structure, desired by all with an intensity that prevents anything from getting in the way of its creation. Based on this "destination," the organization will assess all opportunities or decisions by how well they lead to that destination.

A family owned and managed business (FOMB) faces all of the problems, issues, threats, and opportunities of every other business. But, at the end of a day, the family members must return home and become "a family" again. Disagreement among owners, family members and managers of the FOMB are inevitable. As a Certified FOMB Consultant, I have a process that enables the focus of the family to shape, plan and maintain a business that will produce the income and wealth necessary to fund their needs and maintain the family love and unity at the same time.

Harry Lay brings 19 years experience as a CPA auditing hundreds of companies across dozens of industries, grew a $4M per year company to a $100M+ as its president and CFO, and has taught, coached, and mentored CEO's for the last 13 years. His clients refer to him as their "trusted advisor." What skills, knowledge, experience, qualification or contacts do you need to become a better CEO? Harry may be able to assist you ... he has already helped hundreds of others get to where you want to be.

Does your organizational structure make sense and effectively support your business model? As businesses expand and grow, the structure and processes that worked in the past may no longer work to maximize profitability. Often a new, large customer or product will stimulate extraordinary growth, making the current structure obsolete or less profitable. Harry's extensive financial and actual experience with hyper growth businesses, uniquely qualifies him to help ensure your organizational structure supports and enhances your business model.

How efficient are you and your various teams at completing projects-in-house or for your customers - on time and within budget? Is your To Do List growing or shrinking every week? How many times have you completed a project only to be shocked that it cost you twice as much as expected or budgeted? Harry Lay has often been heard to say, "Nothing has helped me in my career as much as learning and applying a formal project management process." From defining a goal SMART to resource-loading before a project begins, Harry's laser focused processes will help you improve your efficiency and get things done on-time and within budget.

One of the most common complaints we hear from business owners is disappointment in the performance of their marketing dollars spent. They cannot explain why the ROI promised was never delivered. We provide a proven process that helps you identify the value propositions your products or services provide, the needs they meet and whose needs they meet, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

We provide advisory services to assist our clients in tying employee compensation directly to the value generated for the business. We offer a systematic approach to determine if and when a bonus is given and how it can serve as a real-time motivator, not simply a reward.

This is by far the most unique service we provide and the most difficult to "sell". Accordingly, we make no attempt to sell it at all. As a Certified Profit Enhancement Consultant (CPEC) Harry Lay provides a process that increases the profits of any company ... if they are willing and able to change what and how they do things to make a profit. Surprisingly, few companies are willing to do so. Are you?